Rat craft – embroidery

Remember a few days ago… well maybe a week or so –  I have been so busy with family and stuff and not had time to write for ages… but I wrote about my little rodent visitor, a young rat, a little while ago. I often wonder what criteria there is for calling young by their suffix like ling or let…  we have froglet, why not frogling….duckling not ducklet… hmmm so why is a baby rat just a rat. Maybe it is because it is disliked and all are bunched together with the same name. Anyway, I am going back to the blog when I wrote about the young rat… ratlet? ratling? well, I don’t have a problem with them, sweet little fellows with pinks paws and ears. Beatrix Potter’s Samuel Whiskers springs to mind but I like rats, well I did until I did my ironing the other day. OK, OK I know and yes I did have a big pile of it. Not that it was a problem. took me a wee while to get through it and how I suffered for leaving it, painwise, but my problem was that the dear little creature had decided that he like my t shirts. Bless, why mine and nothing else in the laundry basket I will never know. Having realised that he might have done a whoopsie or two, having discovered a dropping,well several droppings, I rewashed the whole lot. It wasn’t until I did the said ironing later that I discovered the holes. A brand new T shirt ruined! So I decided I wasn’t going to throw it away and made a decision to embroider round the holes with ‘lazy daisies’. Hey maybe I will start a trend! When I have finished my embroidery I will post a photo, just for a laugh. It could have chewed through a bit that might have looked like it was fashinable yet,  yes it might not be the latest in fashion but I do get to wear a Tshirt I have only worn once, be it only for slopping around indoors with. The other T shirts had only one hole, maybe two but this one was nearly new. Maybe I will start a trend… the rat chewed daisy look….  a scattering of daisies up one side of my garment.  Hmmm, Do I still love rats?   of course I do and mice and frogs but you can still keep your spiders…. my T shirt will be a new trend, rat crafted embroidery. I may not catch on but I have salvaged a damn good Tshirt with quite a bit if wear in it.

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