Writer’s workshop

What a wonderful day I had yesterday! I was invited to go along to a workshop in Titchfield where Katherine King was speaking on writing a synopsis and opening chapters. It was so very informing and I have so much information. Although I have a novel length book written I was not happy with it. After yesterday I know why. We learned about the structure of the story, about the emotional state of our characters and how to keep the story strong by using our main character rather than what is going on around her. I realised that my book was too complicatedand needs to be tightened up considerably. I am still happy with my storyline but the whole flow needs to be re written. Such a useful day. I also met a lovely lady who offered me a lift to the monthly meetings even though she will come out of her way to pick me up and she is going to come to the group I belong to in Gosport so yes, I am a very happy bunny.

Today we went to visit Olivia, dear, dear Olivia, also a published author and she ran me through what was the opening chapter of my novel and I learned even more. It is interesting how different writers have different ideas and to some extent the information I was given is so different that it does tend to confuse me somewhat but as they have both published several books I guess I must glean what I can and try and follow my own instinct with that extra knowledge. I find this all terribly exciting even though it has me on a bit of a roller coaster at times. I also want to do some painting and try and get some work together for a) exhibition and b) to try and sell as card illustrations. Another hard world to get into but if I don’t earn some money somehow, I don’t know what I shall do. I suppose though I should be happy enjoying the work I do whether it sells or not, and I am but I won’t stop trying.

While we were visiting Olivia, who lives in the farm village where I came from, I spotted some robin’s pincushion in the hedgerow on a dog rose and much to Harry’s amusement, asked him to stop so I could photograph it. I don’t find it very often and now I can put together a compostition for another watercolour picture.

Robin's Pincushion on a dog rose.

Robin's Pincushion on a dog rose.

I know it is quite silly to get excited about such things but I love wild flowers and plants and I feel that I am being called to do a lot more art work. Time to restock my art equipment methinks  and see what comes off the end of my brush.

I long to get out and take some more pictures to paint, the camera H bought me is just brilliant for close up shots that give me all the detail I need to paint and with computer images that can be enlarged to have a clear image to work from I can’t really go wrong. After the set back of yesterday I need something to take my mind off a few things so this will do the trick. I am also looking forward to seeing Edward, Lin and Edward’s mum on Sunday. I am planning to cook the main part of the meal on Saturday so I can relax on Sunday. I plan a Hungarian goulasch with a selection of vegetables, the goulasch can be made in advance, and for dessert a nice and easy, and economical, special fragrant bread and butter pudding and custard. Comfort food which can also be made the day before. It will be nice to relax and enjoy the day for the change instead of rushing around and being busy all the time. Talking of relaxing, time for me to go and vegetate with a book. I have bought some Mills and Boon novels to read, not because I like that sort of book but because I always say it isn’t my sort of thing and how do I know if I have never read one… I read the first chapter and I just know it isn’t my kind of book. It is what I call a trashy romance novel but…. I shall reserve any more judgement until I have read them. There must be something I can glean from them. But I am not looking forward to them so it could be hard work.


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