Man in a million!

The odds are probably greater than that, so who am I writing about today? It’s Harry, my Harry. The one that everyone – well me really –  takes the mickey out of because he is hopeless at Diy and has terrible phobias about creeping things with four legs, twitchy noses and tails, or slimy things in the garden. Having said that he was amazing the other day when a tiny frog hopped onto his foot and he just stood and watched it. Mind you he did say had it been its mother or father he would have been over the wall, but that’s beside the point. We all laugh at Harry’s jokes and little comments, he is a great entertainer on every occasion and few of us take him seriously. Oh it’s only Harry…. He loves acting the fool and he is amazingly funny and has a huge repertoire of funny tales that he has gathered from all the years of his life. But there is another side of Harry that not many people are allowed to see and I am one of the priviledged to have got to really know Harry, the man with the biggest heart in the world and the most selfless person I shall ever meet. I am not sure he will be happy about me writing in a public blog about him but he is my unsung hero and I think he deserves some accolade for the wonderful person he really is. So forgive me Harry.

Few people see past the funny exterior of Harry and he is happy to hide behind this front. Whether it was all those years in the Navy being among the lads that made him hide his feelings for fear of looking weak, I don’t know but he has always been deep and it has taken me six years to build up his trust enough to show them to me. Or maybe he feels comfortable and safe enough to let them come to the fore more. Maybe I was the facilitator, I hope so but then I just feel honoured that he is sharing them with me.

Now I can hear you saying so come on, tell the blooming story! Ok, here goes. I have been married before and recently my ex husband came back from Spain after ten months trying to make a living over there. He followed our eldest daughter and her Spanish hubby out there after his parents said there would be plenty of work. Sadly there wasn’t so reluctantly he came back, homeless, jobless and almost broke. I have always got on with everyone including my ex’s, I have more than one, so when I told Harry about it the first thing he said was he could stay here for a week or so to help him out. I wasn’t sure but said ok. Then he said he hates to see a bloke on his uppers so he could stay till he found somewhere to live and work. What a wonderful gesture! It all seems to work and Che has applied for so many jobs and today he went on a pre interview, interview so fingers crossed for him. Anyway to make sure he got there on time and without stress, Harry lent him his car too. The one thing that really shows just how big a heart Harry has? Che pressed his interview suit and shirt… he is living out of a suitcase …. and Harry noticed he only had his trainers to wear with it. Yes, you got it, he gave him the pair of shoes he bought for himself a couple of weeks ago.

Now I know quite a bit about human nature and how men react in different situations but Harry is like I said, one in a million. He knows what it feels like to be down on your luck, he knows just how much it is appreciated to have someone to give you that hand when you need it most and, unlike many people I know, he isn’t afraid to be the one to offer that support. The fact that Che is my ex husband just shows what a wonderful person Harry really is and it makes me feel humble and so gloriously proud of him. I suppose I have said often enough to him about doing for others, thinking about other before self and not judging people when I have been trying to explain my philosophy to him, I never thought for a moment that he listened. Now here he was fulfilling it! Maybe that was what drew us together, maybe he could see something in me that he liked and it allowed him to finally be the person he wanted to be, I don’t know. I can say that he is definitely a man in a million to give to others in this way. He is generous to everyone I must add. One of my sayings is ‘what goes around comes around’ or these days ‘karma’, I think Harry understands that so well and I can only wish every good thing he can have. He is truly a wonderful, wonderful man. I love him dearly and am proud to be with him, even when he does act the fool because I know that this surface front is nothing to the depths this man has in his heart. God bless you Harry.


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