Some days just run themselves.

When I got up this morning I had plans, I was going to meet a friend for coffee then come back and get the writing done I needed to do for a workshop on Thursday, then do some work for the Writers Group. If I had time I was going to do some painting. Well, plans changed for meeting the friend, which was ok because I made new ones for Friday, then I decided I would just do a quick tidy up. Bearing in mind I really need to do a major clean which is a good day’s work  for me being so slow and all, but also knowing I really needed to get some art work finished and the stuff I had to get done for other people was a must for today or at least tomorrow. The decision to just do a quick tidy up was a silly one. It started up clearing the kitchen from breakfast, then well the bathroom needed a clean, oh and while I am at it I might as well just empty the bins ready for dustbin day tomorrow and … you get the picture? By the time I got round to sitting down to write it was nearly lunchtime. But then on reflection it must be about the time I would have got back from my meeting with my friend had I gone so maybe it wasn’t so bad. After all I had done all the clearing up ready for cleaning tomorrow or Friday. My mind drifts off, as long as I get it done, it says, by Sunday when we have visitors for dinner what does it matter? My writing is done as far as I can do it and I might get to do some painting, well as long as the ironing doesn’t weigh too heavy on my conscience. Is that procrastination? I think it is. Am I an expert or what… Hmmm that reminds me of Harry’s definition of an expert, ex being something that has passed and spurt a short jet of water, so does that mean I don’t exist? Nothing but a puddle on the floor? Ah well….

So at the end of the day I have achieved quite a lot really which leaves me a lot more time tomorrow to do a clean and some painting. Oh I have a long list of things to do, bake some bread, make some cakes, start making the gifts I am planning for Christmas but well, there is still time for those and if I don’t make the cakes I am not the cause of making them eat unhealthy food… easy for me to say when I am not really a cake lover… give me crackers and cheese any day. I think I know the answer… lists! I will make little lists and cross them off as I go… Does that make me old if I have got to the stage of making lists? My wonderful children tell me I can’t be old, I’m their Mummy. Isn’t that so sweet, they forget they have children that are already telling them that they are old. Where does the time go?

Tomorrow my main aim will be to finish a painting I have been working on for a couple of years. Unfortunately, even though I am amazed at the pictures that drip from the end of my brush I cannot paint a straight line so I have no idea what possessed me to paint a scene through a window which is a lot of straight lines. I have friends telling me it looks good, others telling me I am too much a perfectionist and they are right, paintings are the artists interpretation… no wonder I am no good at abstract. Anyway I am determined to get it finished so I can work on the third in the set for a friend. Today has run itself and I have acheived much more than I thought I would and left tomorrow comparatively free… hey! the housework will always be there, if I do it tomorrow it will still need doing again the next day… maybe it is time to take some for me..

The picture below is the second in the set of three and although I am not entirely happy with it I stopped painting and added my signature. end of!  Time for the next one.

Splash point!

Splash point!


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