Birthday blessings.

At my age birthdays are probably best forgotten and whilst I look forward to getting my bus pass in three years time I don’t relish the thought of being that old… I have many reminders of my age, I have grandchildren taller that me, my eldest children are now middle aged and worse, my youngest daughter thinks that modern music is just a noise!!! Oh help! she is only nineteen, still it is nice that she likes music from the old films, musical songs and Frank Sinatra but I begin to wonder what peforming arts taught her when she croons along with ‘Clementine’, anyway, it all serves to make me feel old.

I have to say I have been thoroughly spoiled this birthday, having brought up a very large family my birthdays were just another day, money was always tight and I adored the wonderful home made cards and gifts that my children made,( I kept every card)I remember birthdays when my absolute treat was not having to clear the kitchen after our meal and the little things they did for me, the bunches of wild flowers, the hugs, Oh so many sweet little pleasures. It never bothered me that I never went out or really celebrated because there was enough of us to make a party of our own. Even though, for me those were wonderful days and I miss the home made cards and poems, bless, forgive me my wonderful daughter, I won’t embarrass you by saying who you are but you will know, I still have a little blue card, carefully and lovingly painted with flowers and a bee. The very best of all are the words you wrote… ‘You’re as cuddly as a bumble bee’. How wonderful is that when I know all my children were brought up to love and appreciate nature. That is one I have never forgotten and is very treasured.

This birthday I had so many cards and wishes from friends and family. I had over twenty birthday messages on facebook and phone calls and emails too. I can tell you, it made me feel so special. Especially my youngest son, Ed, who called this morning with the cheeky message… see I remembered all by myself… lovely, he is in his mid twenties and relies on his older brother to remind him, brilliant! This year I had such wonderful gifts that I would never have allowed anyone to buy for me and I have had to stop myself from saying you should’nt have. You see, it’s not that I don’t feel worthy or appreciative of such gifts but I have always treasured the little things and never expected anything more, the gifts I had are way beyond what I have ever had before and they do make me feel so special. I still ask myself, am I really worth that much? especially when I appreciate the little things so much.

Harry, Tabby and Marie

Harry, Tabby and Marie

 I had a meeting at the library with the lady who runs the writing group I belong to this morning and I wore Coco Chanel, just to go into town. Oh I wore clothes, don’t fret, maybe getting old and enjoying being a little eccentric but not that eccentric yet. I have never had a ‘real’ perfume before and it made me feel decidedly extravagent and a little self conscious. Now is that silly or what? Harry is a happy man because he has actually bought something I don’t need for a change. He never understands that when I say I would love a set of non stick frying pans I really would love to have them. He wails ‘but they are for the house’ and who, says I, do you think is the only one using them in the house? And if I have my super wonderful non stick wok, my life is not only easier, cooking more pleasurable but they also get the benefit of tasty and healthy stir fried dishes. He cannot see that I am happy with those sorts of gifts. Now my daughter does understand and this is the first year that she has been working and able to go and buy me something that we haven’t had to sub. When she knew I wanted to try healthy juice drinks like celery, carrot and cabbage – don’t ask! – she goes out and buys me a really super powerful juicer. How good is that! I just want to go and buy lots of nice organic fruit and vegetables and make loads and loads of juices. My sister came up with such an original gift and one which I am also really delighted with. Now I have so many birthdays to remember because not only do I have a large family of eight children –  and their partners – and fourteen grandchildren, but I also come from a large family too. Her gift was perfect. A box of mixed children’s birthday cards to which she had added a huge selection of adult cards, birthdays male and female, retirement, wedding, anniversaries, new home, good luck, baby boy, baby girl… so so many that I have everything I need for a long time. Best of all she had included a little diary for next year in which she had written all the birthdays in for me and added a pen. She knows me so well but what a really thoughtful and useful gift, I have to make sure I don’t let the side down by missing anyone now don’t I!

Recently I met a second cousin who I had no idea existed until I found relatives of my grandfather’s brother, who I knew nothing about, it was so wonderful to make that connection with my dear grandfather and he and his wife came down for a weekend. We had a great time and have kept in touch since. My passion is also angels and faeries and they bought me a beautiful delicate blue poppy faerie. She is so pretty. I have also become the proud owner of a little camera which is another such wonderful gift because mine has just stopped working, so I am hoping to put some pictures at the end of this post.

So today has been a birthday like no other I have ever had and I thank everyone, especially Harry, for treating me to gifts that I would never have dreamed of asking for. Thank you too for all the cards I have received, the phone calls , e-cards and birthday wishes on FB, you have all made me feel very, very special today.

A faerie friend   
A faerie friend

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