Coping with wildlife….

I say coping but at the end of the day I have no problem with the little creatures of our world. I look back in amusement and remember Beatrix Potter, Roly Poly Pudding and Samuel Whiskers. How can anyone refuse a poor wee creature that has probably just come in search of a free meal?   Well I bow down to those that don’t think as I do and the recollection that one tiny rat might well breed a hundred in such a short while…. So where the hell are my cats when you need them? For goodness sake they cost us a fortune in insurance, vet’s bills and food yet when you need them close to assist with a rodent problem, where the heck are they?

That besides and knowing that our Harry, bless him, will do anything for us, I needed to sort this for his sake… Today we moved out every appliance… from past country experience they like to nest in the warm packaging at the back of electrical goods… but on removing the freezer and washing machine from the conservatory we found nothing, just a few droppings. I cleaned and vaccumed behind these places and then looked to the kitchen where I had seen one scurry and disappear behind the dishwasher. You know I was quite happy to have a conversation with it and warn it of the impending doom if he stayed in our house. Indeed, I warned it of the cats and the threat of poison but obviously it decided to ignore me and go about its business leaving me to look silly talking to … well nothing ….

I pulled the dishwasher out and the fridge and vacuumed, once again with our industrial brute, but we saw no signs of our wee visitor. I cleaned everything with anti bacterial spray, including the toaster, and hoped we had seen the last of it. To all intents and purposes we had, until that is it came to making sandwhiches for lunches. I keep my bread in the fridge often and tonight I took the new loaf from my fridge in order to do the packed lunches for H and Tabby. I opened the pack and took out the end four slices… Something was not right! The crust had a hole right through it…. eeek! In my mind I immediately thought that somehow a problem with the packaging and  supermarket end was at fault… How would I word the letter to tell them? Then I remembered, I left the bread on the freezer out in the conservatory , to defrost. On further investigation the plastic wrapping had been chewed through, it was our little friend again. So he must have been in for a couple of days.

Now as I said my memories of B.P. endeared such creatures to me and I found it hard to think that we might have to do unspeakable things to encourage it to go….needless to say the major moving of appliances and cleaning made sure there was no more food to be had and tonight there had been no sign of any tiny friend. No food? no reason to come indoors! Or so I hoped, for Harry’s sake as much as anything. So far so good and absolutely no sign so far but I don’t think I will hold my breath… after all so far we have poisonous spiders, frogs and now rats –   be it only baby rats, in the kitchen, whatever else can the town offer us? … It must be that our house has the most favourable food in the neighbourhood but then the creek is a few hundred yards away and I do have this soft spot for such creatures.

I know I laugh but I also know the seriousness of a rat problem, frogs are a different matter, they offer no threat apart  to the slug population and I think they are pretty, so many different colours we have here..ordinary spiders are ok at a distance but the widow type spiders I do not intend to sympathise with… The ivy in the garden now having gone I look out for other places they might hide and if they have the same shape and look, no matter what its family genus. I have no sympathy, I have no need to be bitten…. by them or any bug so they have to go….

Till next post… M xxx

On the other hand, if there is anyone who would like to try kissing a frog or talking to a rat then this is the place to be so until I find another job/home etc. I will do my best to make sure there is no limition to any wild things that might like to visit our domain… M xxx


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