Wild things!

Oh dear, Oh dear. I know it is summer and the doors are open to let in the fresh air, I know too that since the ivy was removed to try and get rid of some of the more undesirable spiders there have been many more things discovered about my little garden, like the amazing wildlife, but today I was not even thinking about the garden because I had a day to myself. I had two tasks one to write a short story for my writer’s group tomorrow and two to finish the second painting. I decided to write first as this was more important because my friend was off camping for a week and it gave me so much more time to get his paintings finished. Anyway, I thought I would have toast for breakfast and cut myself a couple of slices of the bread I had made the day before to have with home made marmalade and a decaff coffee. Wonderful!

Well, it might have been but my morning had started badly. Harry gets up at 4:40am – middle of the night as far as I am concerned – and I got up to go to the loo having been woken up, no problem but I like my curtain open slightly and as I walked back to bed I thought I saw something flutter up past the window. Ignoring it because it was 5am I climbed back into bed hoping if there was anything it wasn’t going to decide to sit on me as I slept. I saw it again, a large moth was trying to get to the early dawn light through the curtain. There was nothing for it but to open the window wide and the curtain and hope it flew out. Which I duly did, could I go back to sleep? knowing it was flying about somewhere I had to watch until finally it flew out of the window at 5:45, just when the traffic starts urgh! Very little sleep for me after that, especially knowing I had to get up early for a friend to pop by.

My toast was delicious and I got my laptop out to begin my story as I finished my coffee deciding to clear up the kitchen later, including the crumbs from the toaster which I keep out the back on my freezer. The toaster that is, not the crumbs, silly. As I stretched my legs getting up to make another drink I noticed that the crumbs from the toaster were gone…curious! But I thought no more of it and decided that maybe I had wiped them up earlier. Then I went back to my computer and began typing away I saw another movement from the corner of my eye. Now, I thought to myself, I have got to stop seeing things, the trouble is my peripheral vision is probably better than my ordinary vision and sure enough a few moments later a small creature ran across the tiles on the kitchen floor making toward the cat biscuits. I stood up and the little thing disappeared. Obviously I could find no sign of it until, that is , a while later when once again I heard something and caught a movement outside my dining room window. When I looked into the little conservatory where my freezer and washing machine are, there hanging from the clothes airer beside the freezer was my little rat thing having a gnaw at the rubber seal on the freezer. Not a mouse as I had first suspected but a young rat. I spoke to it rather firmly this time and explained that I was giving him a chance because if the cats came home he would be in serious trouble and if Harry knew there would be poison down for him. Again it had disappeared only to reappear a little while later climbing over the laundry basket onto the freezer and on top of my toaster. Of course! that’s where the crumbs had gone and sure enough when I examined the toaster in more detail there were no crumbs even inside it, instead just a couple of droppings that definitely identified my little visitor as a rat… Funny how you can suddenly go off toast. It shot off down the back of the freezer again and I closed the kitchen door to stop it coming into the house once more giving it a verbal warning. Knowing I wasn’t able to move the freezer without help I went back to my writing hoping someone would come to help me try and remove the little thing. Well, either he is a very clever rat or there are more than one because a little while later I saw it shoot across the kitchen floor again to dive under the dishwasher as it caught sight of me. Do I have a wandering rat indoors or a colony? Oh help, the rats I can probably deal with but Harry? Any ideas any one?

Dilemma, dilemma! I am not bothered by such things apart from the health hazard. All my food is kept in containers and nothing is ever left out so although I shall check carefully, I feel confident that my food is ok but where has it walked? Is my anti bacterial spray etc enough to get rid of little paw prints that I can’t see? Where could it have walked? This isn’t actually my dilemma, it’s Harry. Not that he is a phobia but he has a major one for such things. Ok he dealt with the frogs in the kitchen knowing they had been caught an put out, handles spiders, ok,  but rats and mice will find him standing on a chair. I thought I left this kind of thing behind when I left the country! I wonder what there will be next, I mean we’ve had just about everything now. Maybe this was why the previous owner sold the house. That and the little ghost we appear to have and the strange marks that appear on the walls upstairs. Wild things indeed, and that’s just me!


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  1. 1

    Laura Galorneau said,

    This leaves me to wonder.. is there some equivalent of a rat that would clean the lint trap in my dryer? lol

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      hahahaa I wish there was, it gets worse will blog again later….how do you clean inside a toaster? love M um xx

  2. 3

    Dave said,

    actually all you need is one of these giant meat eating plants that have just been discovered. no hoax… they eat rats and frogs shouldnt be a problem either 😀


  3. 4

    Laura Galorneau said,

    Are you keeping up with this?

    • 5

      wordangell said,

      Hi Laura, yes, I am apart from missing one yesterday and being a bit late for others. WordPress have a challenge, postaday for a year and I am going for it… been really poorly and still suffering but intend to keep going. If I miss one I have to catch up on other days. do join me and feel free to make a comment or two… it will be be a nice record of my year but some of the daily topics are hard to write and include my life in… xxx

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