Oil pulling!

So what is oil pulling? when I describe it to people I am never sure how to describe it apart from sounding disgusting. But it is one of the natural remedies that I am trying and so far I can rave about dramatic results. If anyone is having dental problems, including being unable to get to dentist, and in this day and age, afford a dentist, I can recommend oil pulling. It is a process that draws the bacteria that cause dental problems from the mouth but better than that it has many other health benefits. First of all, most dental problems come from dental caries… holes in the teeth… but what causes the pain is bacteria that cause an infection. These bacteria are oil soluble and this is where oil pulling comes in. If you take a tablespoon of oil… sunflower is a good start… and swoosh it around the teeth and mouth for between 10 and 20 minutes it will ‘pull’ all the bacteria out of the oral cavity.  It is a reported fact that bacteria from the mouth can cause many ailments from stomach ulcers to sinus problems etc and many, many more, so I decided to try it myself. A mild toothache was cured in a day… ok it was a different thing than I had ever experienced but it wasn’t as bad as i had imagined.

Oil pulling consists  of taking a tablespoon of oil and swooshing it around the mouth and teeth for from 10 mins to 20 minutes each time, up to three times a day… Believe me it sounds worse than it is… The idea that after a length of time the oil has mixed with saliva and bacteria and become liquid rather than oil. Bacteria being oil soluble is drawn, or ‘pulled’ from the mouth and is disposed of, never swallowed, down the loo. By the bacteria not making it to the stomach, we are preventing a lot of illnesses that they might have caused. Drawing it away from the point of infection prevents the infecton. Already on the first day my sinusses are being drained  and my voice is clearer… and a persistent toothache is cured. So far so good, but I have tried it on my ex, who is staying with us at the moment, who has a loose tooth and and a sore tooth….. same result. I do recommend that any problem in the mouth is treated by a dentist properly but Oil pulling will get you by until you can get to a dentist.

Different oils have different properties, but at the end of the day this is a natural remedy for many health problems… I challenge anyone to look it up and just try it. It says it can cure so many ailments …. I am all for trying the more natural healing because at the end of the day, most medication these days helps the symptoms, not the cause. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not against pharmaceutical intervention when it is necessary but I do advocate the natural, god given methods of healing the cause of these ailments. Many things can be cured by just following a natural diet. Ban processed foods and see the results in a few weeks! especially fizzy drinks and artificially sweetened foods, eat as many natural raw foods as you can and your body will heal itself. All the chemically altered stuff is alien to us and for the body to get rid of it or make it safe, it uses many resources that would otherwise be keeping us healthy, makes sense really.

As a lot of my friends know, I have arthritis in practically every joint in my body… you wouldn’t know it to stop and talk to me but sometimes even the simplest of tasks can leave me in pain for several days afterwards. I have had this, which is getting progressively worse, for five years now but I still take no artificial medication. As a joint becomes infected the pain is excruciating but afterward it settles down and is only painful after a lot of movement but, and I believe that my natural supplements and avoidance of processed foods helps here, I can sleep without too much pain.. I carry out my daily tasks, slowly , but do not give in to pain. I believe if I did I would deteriorate far faster than I am at the moment. I need to believe that what I am doing is helping me to carry on without medication. I cannot take anti inflammatories due to a stomach bleed, I have an allergy to aspirin, so the next best thing to all the painkillers and resulting follow up medication to stop the side effects, is to try my best to carry on with a healthy diet and supplements that are beneficial to the problems I have.

I believe in what I do but when I have suggested that others try it and are helped by it, I am so encouraged…. So maybe I am nutty with my ‘green’ washing powder, conditioner and cleaners but you know something? it all helps me to keep focussed on something other than what I am feeling. I believe we can think ourselves ill. Negative thoughts are as big an enemy as any pollutant so, as I often say. I am happy in my world, I do my best, I think positive, I don’t judge others, forgiveness is natural to me, acceptance? second nature… I believe I am blessed, so blessed and ok, I may be classed as eccentric but I am here and doing my best without a lot of artificial stuff that might cause me more harm and I am happy.

I would suggest that if anyone wants to find out about the benefits of such things as oil pulling, they research it and the results of many different oils… I’m up for trying coconut oil to help me lose weight because I’m not so active these days… who knows… Mean while, I shall carry on with my natural means of keeping healthy, after all, five years of not being on medication that cannot cure me is fantastic and the stuff I take does as good a job without harming my body….Long may it continue.


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