Frogs in the kitchen!

What a dilemma! I suppose it was the rain that brought them in but,well, you remember Harry’s phobia about amphibians? so do I tell him or don’t I? I’ll tell the story… I went into the kitchen to get a drink late last evening, after H had got to bed, and across the floor hopped a frog. A tiny one no bigger than a penny but never the less a frog. Rather than try to catch him in my hands and lose him if he jumped, I took a glass from  the cupboard and caught him as you would a spider. Then having captured him I saw another one hop across to the cupboard… double nightmare, if H saw them in the kitchen he would go spare. My ex husband is staying with us at the moment so I called him from the lounge to help, I knew if I put the one out the other would likely disappear but…. in the time it took me to take my eyes off the tiny frog to call him, yes, you guessed, it had gone. We searched everywhere to no avail, I began to wonder had I really seen two but worst of all would be the reaction of my Harry at 4.45am as he went to the shower if he’d found a frog in there. His morning is timed with military precision, if I had to get down the stairs it would take me ages and he would be late for work but I had no choice  but to go to bed and hope it just stayed hidden. The following morning Tabby laughed and said that her Dad had found the frog. Where? says I. ‘swimming in the cats water dish.’ Why oh why does no one have a camera on these moments.

Still in a dilemma, it is a funny story and I am glad the cat hadn’t come in or the ending might not be so happy, but do I share it with Harry? I decided I would and began with I have a story to tell you but you won’t like it kind of thing and he took the news of a frog in the kitchen very bravely. He turned a shade paler when I told him about the second one and I could sense as he glanced round the kitchen that he was on red alert for jumping onto the dining room table… So I finished the story with my ex finding him  in the cats dish and put him out.. We all thought it hilarious and I do feel sorry for him because we have hundreds in the garden along with a slow worm, newts and the aforemention spider population. I do feel quite concerned for H though, these frogs are going to get bigger and all will be breeding next year… oh help. I love frogs and the ones we have are all so different, pale green ones, sandy colour ones, speckled ones but my favourite was one I saw sitting on a damp rock in the smaller pool we have among the ferns, he looked at me unblinking and I spoke to him, like you do but I was enthralled by him, his skin was a beautiful golden bronze. Such a handsome creature that I could see why the story came about when princesses kissed frogs in the hope they would turn into a handsome prince…. So lovely was this frog I could have kissed him to see! I called Harry a while later, just to show him what a lovely colour he was and he came to see. I was delighted in his curiosity, safe because he was semi submerged, he watched him for a long while and I feel sure he finds them quite nice to watch even though had it moved he would run the length of the garden like a bat out of hell. I do think though it might be a nice idea to close the back door once it gets dark though…. little and often exposure to frogs for Harry is better than a huge shock when he isn’t expecting it…. or as they say slowly slowly catchee froglets, I mean monkey.


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