Secret thoughts.

It has been a few days since I last blogged and, yes I am suitable ashamed of myself but I do have a good reason, well I think I do. I have had a constant stream of visitors and have been wonderfully busy. Today I have worn myself to a frazzle and am leaving what needs doing till tomorrow. Everyone is doing their own thing and I have snuck up to my computer. For two reasons and both good. I am snatching a little time to write my blog and a friend wants some pictures painted for his lounge so I have been researching some ideas. Actually it has been rather fruitful. I came across another wordpress blog with some amazing artwork and beautiful music on it that has inspired me somewhat.

It has been a while since I painted anything serious although I did do some acrylic work for my grand daughter last week which was the catalist for the paintings I have been asked to do. I must admit I never expected the huge canvasses that he gave me. Then I stopped to think. It was a challenge , yes, but why not… I think I have said before that Harry always says I go up to the line then stop… this time I will accept the challege and step over. I will produce the pictures and be proud of my achievements and pray that it will give me the motivation to go on.

It has been a strange week this week, opportunities have landed in my lap, my ex husband is staying with us until he finds a place of his own, my daughter is mixed up about the way she feels and my other daughter in Spain who he lived with before he came back to England, and especially our granddaughter is missing her Grandad oof so much. It makes me stop and think and try to make sense of what is going on with life. Why are these things happening? Harry is the most fantastic person in the world. ok I rib him and laugh about his not being practical but here is where he absolutely shines. He offered my ex a place to stay, he cares that he is comfortable and happy, and today, he offered his car to him to get to the places he needed to go for just the petrol money. How many people in the world would do that? For all his front,  jokiness, sarcasm etc, inside he is a wonderful person who cares so much about a fellow human being, despite the circumstances, that he will give what he can.

So my blog today  is much about circumstances and people. How many of us will push the line for others, give when we might otherwise be jealous, suspicious, share what little we have when someone is in need. I watched the news today and it seems to me that everything is about money, greed and what we can get out of life. Whatever happened to giving? and without counting the cost. Giving can be a selfless example of what life can be like. A gift that never counts the cost but reaps the reward of someone elses success or happiness. What price is there on the joy of seeing someone else obtain a little happiness or peace and knowing that you did that? ok there is always the little egotistical devil sitting on your shoulder, human nature does that but when you go beyond that, what made you do in the first place? Somewhere in each of us is that dream of being a hero, this way, we are the hero…. unsung, unnoted but something in our spirit tells us that this is where we need to be at this time in our lives and doing this thing for that person. Get rid of ego thoughts and that something took us back to a time when we were good, when we didn’t count the cost, when we gave because we cared about other people…. If every one appreciated the world around them and stopped being judgemental and money orientated the world would be such a better place… I remember a saying about happiness.

‘The secret of happiness is the happiness of those around us.’  Imagine that! if we were all concerned about everyone elses happiness, no one would need to be wanting. What a great place it would be… I have tried to live my life that way but few understand that. I try to retrain my negative thoughts to positive ones and get laughed at, ‘the world isn’t like that’ they say… but I think to myself….’ my world is!’ and I intend it to be that way….

Tomorrow I shall start to paint. I will give my all. My materials have been provided and I don’t expect to be paid for my time but I shall have the priviledge of knowing that in somene’s house will hang paintings that others will admire. I gave that others might enjoy the gifts that I have been given…… I pray that others might think the same way too.

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