Success rate? Green!

I know I am writing this before midnight and will mean it is another entry into my blog on the same day but well maybe it makes up for missing so many… that guilt trip I am sending myself on I guess. Another sad entry because I am about to extoll the virtues of homemade fabric conditioner. As everyone knows, I am testing my homemade washing powder and conditioner, the powder is fantastic for coloured and dark washes but I have decided the whites are not white enough for me so will compromise one wash in three with my commercial washing tablets but and a big BUT … my fabric conditioner is second to none. OK it doesn’t leave clothes smelling of diamond or whatever smell Lenor or Comfort has but it surpasses both of them for softness. Another big bonus is the ironing, the clothes are softer, towels more absorbent, I can hang things up and they dry without needing ironing at all but I have turned my iron down two notches for what I do iron and the fabric irons easier, quicker and much better than before. another saving! They hang better, if you need starched stiff clothes so starch them but they are far more comfortable soft and natural. I know most underwear says do not use detergent, who notices that anyway, so my bras come out rough, stiff etc, but with my own washing powder and conditioner they are soft like new, fantastic. I guess the other bonus is my washing machine, normally I use a tablet water softener and still commercial stuff leaves a grimy residue on my washing machine door and a sludge in the drawer, since using my green powder, nothing, the machine is clean and clear. No sludge or slime or black mold anywhere.

Having tested polish for my natural wood furniture and been pleased with the result, my next project will be shampoos, Oh by the way, bicarbonate and vinegar on a cooker is fantastic and leaves a mirror shine, a nylon scourer helps for bad burnt on stuff though. Anyway, as my friends will know, I love cooking and baking and today I have made a great discovery. I make all my own bread now, apart from the ghastly cheese and onion topped baps that H likes for his packed lunches… I am working on that one! so I decided that I would keep the crust of my home made bread, which by the way doesn’t go mouldy, merely stale and hard,  for bread pudding. What a transformance! no more stodgy Bread pudding. It becomes much lighter, less doughy and even I don’t mind it. It no longer stays in  the cake tin and is gone within two days… that says something in my house where the occupants – excluding myself – are connoisseurs of good cakes and will ignore second class stuff to grow a fur coat before it is finally commmitted to the compost bin. But… that is not what I wanted to talk about… my baking… I use a fair bit of vanilla essence and it costs a lot.. the natural stuff that is, my but is that I have found a recipe for making my own that I am going to try. No artificial ingredients just Vanilla pods and Vodka.. perfect! I shall let you know about that, it takes two to three months to get to its best.

I am enjoying this green expedition and just to clarify, it costs me less than a pound for a bottle of glycerine that makes a gallon of conditioner. not bad when the results are soo good and the cost a mere fraction of the four pounds it would cost me for a commercial one. Of course I won’t compromise on anything  I think is second best but fabric conditioner green style outweighs every other one in both price and performance.

So now I can go to my bed content with my green efforts and between bread pudding, fabric conditioner and polish, plus 3/4 success with washing powder, I can move forward and go full speed ahead with my shampoo trials… Does anyone know anybody that still burns wood only fires in suburbia?


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