Back to the chairs

It was shortly after my aforementioned ‘pointer’ of a partner threatened to get a saw from the shed and my also extremely unhelpful daughter offered to get a book or two to balance them up, that I realised we needed to get someone to doctor the chairs … and fast. They are very nice chairs and once they were the right size would be even better, so I allowed H to call our wonderful Polish friend, Peter, to do the job for us. A sort of task bartering goes on between us which is brilliant, especially as he is so excellent at all the things H isn’t, that and he loves my cakes too. The chairs are now the perfect height, all level and bless him he even sanded them down and replaced the little silver disc thingy that protected the wood. What a wonderful man!

Now these chairs are sort of a different size and shape and although they fitted where the previous occupying chairs were, they sort of stuck out a bit too far, well for my meticulously symetrical eye. And as I argued, I am the one cleaning round them and looking at them all day so a book case that was previously behind one of the original chairs, had to go. We measured and sized up, discussed and justified before it was decided that the tall bookcase would have to go in the dining room because it matched the wood of the dresser. Fine, no problem, well the small matter of the bookcase that was already there needed to be addressed first. No choice but upstairs in the study –  a perfect place for books surely? So, bless his heart, a job Harry could do. I have hundreds of books, they are my babies, and to move the contents of two very full and large bookcases was no mean feat. I did what I could and as much as my shoulders and hands would allow which, unfortunately for Harry, wasn’t a lot before the pain halted my assistance. Never the less he carried them all upstairs along with the book case, not at the same time I must add, one by one or small stack by small stack, and we moved the big bookcase into the dining room. It looks ok, no problems encountered but we also have a tall slim unit that holds DVDs. more problem to move than the bookcases because it come in half so, yes, it all had to be emptied too. It stands beside the bookcase in the dining room now but unfortunately, even Harry isn’t happy with the ‘look’ and we have to find another corner for it to go in, also I think the bookcase would look far better at an angle in the corner. We have stopped for now and left everything as it is, I haven’t the heart to ask him to move it yet and besides there is no guarantee that I will like the look of where ever we put it anyway…. symmetry again, it is giving me time to think about it.

Changing the subject rather, I was distracted by a flock of birds outside the study window. The starlings are doing what they do best and they reminded me of last year when just before sunset they all gather on the rooftops, chimneys and wires around my house before they flock in enormous numbers to perform their ballet of geometric shapes before diving few at a time, until they had all disappeared beneath the station platform at GunWharf. The spectacle of being in the garden when this happens is like a scene from Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’. The twitterings, whistlings and squeakings of thousands of birds that line every available space around us fill the air like a blanket of noise and one cannot help wondering what it would be like if the nightmare of a bird attack should happen… I belong to the Library writer’s group and we have a task for next session to write a five minute story now there’s an idea for me, an explanation of how something I held in my hand was transformed or damaged… hmmm a bird attack maybe, perhaps fantasy, the birds were really dragons and a strange person rode up on a white horse and grabbed the pencil I held in my hand which became a sword to fend them off, by the time it was given back to me it was a chewed,splintered sliver of leadless wood… yeah, I could work on that. Besides, it beats having to solve the problem of where to put the DVD case.


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