A funny thing happened …

Well it wasn’t funny at the time. If I had been younger I might have been rather embarrassed, anyway, it goes like this. We have in our lounge two tubular padded rocking/swivel chairs which have been really good but for some reason the bolt on one of them sheered off leaving some of it inside the chair so they had to go. One we could use upstairs in the study and the other my son said he could probably repair and might be able to use it as a nursing chair when they have their first baby in November. Harry found a site oline that sold ex hotel furniture from when hotels are refurbished and he rather liked the chairs they had. We always wanted a pair of wing chairs so he ordered two at a really reasonable price. Today they were delivered. The chair from the study had already been moved and swapped with the good rocker thanks to James, Tabby’s b/friend, good for hypnotherapy says Harry, (for those who don’t know, he is a hypnotist) all so good so far. Then the lorry came with a pallet with the chairs loaded on, he agreed to take the pallet back so proceeded to undo the chairs packaging. Said chairs were great but rather bigger than they looked on the picture but never the less we started to bring them in. Problem number one. There was absolutely no way we could get them through the front door. After several attempts James and the delivery man gave up, it wasn’t happening. The next thing was to take them round the back and try and get them in through the back door. James carries one and the very nice delivery man took the other one on his pallet trolley for us. They got in through the back gate no problem and through the conservatory door, so far so good but then the kitchen door and the chair? not a snowball’s chance in hell. The delivery man had done a lot and he left, after we thanked him profusely, with a little amused grin on his face leaving us to face the problem. They tried one way and another but nothing. I called a friend who had a bit more experience and explained we might need to take the door off and weren’t sure how. At this point Brian arrives, the door was off but there was still no way the chair was going through. Bless Brian, he had a bit more experience of these things and with two men and a few different tries, at last the chair entered the kitchen. By this time I had measured the other doors to make sure it would actually go further and it should have done. I held my breath as they pulled it through into the dining room. The stair banisters were in the way and to get the chair through to the lounge it had to be lifted over it but…. yes you’ve guessed it, not before the door had been removed to the lounge first.

Needless to say we managed to get them both in but what a pallaver! The chairs now are a nice fabric but we knew they were purple, my lounge is red and black, at first I thought a couple of throws but they do look rather nice so I have decided to change the throw on the settee to a purple one. The walls are light and I ant to change them to a dusty pale pink so it will look nice. I tried one of the chairs and they are nice solid chairs but my feet barely touched the floor so now it has decided, rather than  buying a pair of footstools we would cut a piece off the bottom of the legs to bring them to a reasonable size and be more comfortable to sit in. I think I explained about Harry’s expertise at DIY before and now we are looking for someone to chop a couple of inches from the bottom for us. I had visions of some very lop sided chairs had Harry done it, that with the previous thought that we had bought chairs that could only be used in the garden –  Hmmm maybe it would be nice to sit comfortably round the pond and watch the fish swimming but they would have got very damp I reckon. Anyway, all is well finally, I wonder why they were so tall? maybe they were expecting a flood?

Seriously though, I think this lesson has taught us, even though it has turned out ok, that next time we will actually measure and/or see the furniture before we buy it. Imagine if we couldn’t have got it into the house!!!! lol.

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    ‘Right said Fred’ comes to mind. But seriously, I am calling the help of the Polish once more, Peter to be exact. He is to come on Saturday and ‘surgically’remove part of the legs. Problem there is that he is a perfectionist so I am asking his wife, who is on crutches to come along too the tell him to move his a**se when he gets bogged down in intricate measurements. She tells him something in Polish which generally shifts him temporarily. I am not really complaining though for he does get the job done. I could see me doing the job with four different size legs and a collection of beer mats.

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