Busy Sunday

Another day of trying my hardest to be green. I have decided that although I want to be as green as possible, I won’t compromise on my laundry. No, I’m not giving it up but what I have decided to do is to use the home made washing powder for coloured and dark washing loads and use my original commercial laundry tabs for my whites although I will continue to use the vinegar or glycerine mix as a conditioner.  I would be far to embarassed to send my family out with grey clothes that should be white. Is that pride? well until I can find something apart from boiling that will give me a bright white wash that will have to do and after all one wash in several is better that all my washing done in chemical stuff.

The polish is brilliant even though it takes a bit of hard rubbing to get a shiny surface. I have done my dresser and a door today. I did too much yesterday and the pain is preventing me doing too much today the bits I polished meant I could sit down to do it. Well until my shoulder decided to stop me, I shall have to do it bit by bit as much as I can do at a time. I can’t wait to get the ingredients for the wax polish and try that as well, all I need is a new skeleton or bones that don’t complain everytime I do the smallest thing.

Still going strong
Still going strong

 This picture is to show day two of my poppies in a vase which I am so pleased about especially as I have been crowing about them. I don’t expect them to live more than three days which they wouldn’t do anyway if they were in the garden and bigger ones with grasses or some ears from wheat/barley do look so wnderful in the house . Apart from photographing my poppies I have started some blackcurrant jelly off. It is just straining on the bottom of an upturned chair because I don’t have a stand. Good enough for my grandmother so good enough for me! Then tomorrow I shall make the jelly and some marmalade. Not really cheating much with that, it’s just that I can’t do too much all at once so a tin of prepared Seville oranges are quite acceptable I am sure and besides I wouldn’t want sticky orange juice all over my nice clean and polished table now, would I ? The gooseberry wine is now decanted into its demijohn but is a bit slow to start so I have added a little extra yeast and hope I won’t have wasted my time.

This next week sometime I am looking forward to seeing my son and my granddaughter,  on Tuesday, his ex wife is bringing the two boys on their way to their holiday to spend some time with me too. It has been so many years since I saw them and I am so looking forward to it. I have some lovely pictures of their homes in Switzerland but it isn’t the same as actually being with them. I do hope the weather will be nice, mind you the rain has been so welcome in my little garden. My water butts are topped up nicely and we have two reserve tanks full too. The peas and beans have thrived and grown because of the rain so lots more veggies from the garden for dinner again this week. A short entry today, my jelly needs some attention before we go out this evening.

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