The end of a triffid

It had to happen, the overgrown triffid, cordyline australis, has met it’s end. The weight of the prospective baby triffids got just too much and its weight carried it lower and lower over the path until I, yes me, with my gammy leg etc, had to bend nearly double to get up the path. The sun was completely blocked from the little patch of garden behind and my pot of garlic  and blueberry bush was suffering severely from lack of sun. Having stretched as far as they could go the garlic had collapsed with the effort of sunseeking and clung onto the sides of the pot gasping with exhaustion. There might be a just small bulb under there which I shall probably leave in to grow for next year, poor thing. Anyway, I digress, the triffid, H took a hacksaw and with little ceremony off she came. The branch that held her was easily as thick as my wrist and could well end up another branch but having had some success with my mini gardening my eyes are looking at the trunk, the garden behind it and plotting the crops for next year….. Hmmm just remains to persuade H that he could have a better crop of potatoes in the soil than in bags if mother of triffid wasn’t there… we shall see and I will keep you posted on that venture.

Talking of potatoes, being unsure when to harvest them and having rooted about in the bag and not felt anything we decided as the tops were beginning to fall over, we would ‘harvest’ the crop. I managed to dissuade Harry from phoning the student’s union and advertising for potato pickers, instead suggesting it would be much more rewarding to dig his own. After much huffing and puffing, we emptied both sacks. I know it was our first attempt and I didn’t really get the chitting right, well, to be honest, I forgot about them in the shed and they were rather like shrivelled brown prunes by the time I remembered them and got them planted, but I planted them anyway, Harry of course being none the wiser, not being a gardener at all accepted everything I did. We got one garden seive full of baby potatoes from both sacks and you’d think Harry was farmer of the year! The bottom of the sack was dry and he had watered them so much, so a pipe through the centre next time. He is planning all sorts of things for next year, he says he isn’t a gardener, and I totally agree, but is a fantastic dog’s body, doing all the heavy stuff I can’t do. Tonight for supper was his reward, we had with our plate of baby new potatoes, using the smallest first, cabbage and carrots and pork chops. Yummy. Has convinced H even more that he wants to be better at it next year… Note to Marie, take more care over the chitting.

This morning I decided to look through some of my extensive library to see if I could find a book I must have bought years ago and to my delight I still had it. I love my books almost as much as I do little boxes and containers and my reference books are like my children. Apart from anything else they remind me that I used to live in a wonderful place and was a good country wife. Recently, having discovered that I can make laundry products I wondered what else I could do, years ago I made so many things gleaned from the countryside around us and I bought books, many books on old fashioned crafts. I found my favourite one with some great joy which turned to complete nostalgia as I opened its pages. There among its leaves were dozens of flowers that I had pressed. I remember now, they are only weeds to most people but I remember pressing them so that one day in the future I would find them and remember the way we used to live and where we lived. It also reminded me of the happiest time of my entire life. I’m digressing again.. I’m rather good at that don’t you think? Right, back to the book. ‘Recipes from times past’ contains recipes  for everything you can possibly think of from beauty products, household cleaning, laundry, everything I could possibly want to get me started on my quest for totally green products at a fraction of the price. Well I have been at the bicarb and vinegar today again… wonderful stuff,  and apart from the wines that are bubbling nicely away on the side in the dining room, I have also pickled two jars of shallots. I have plans for blackcurrant and apple jelly too, among other things but most of all, once my chemical products are used up I shall be testing some of the old methods one by one and of course, blogging the results.

I am feeling much less tired now I have finished the antibiotics, all I need is to get some good bacteria back into my body and get on a healthy eating plan to lose weight and help my poor old leg recover and to eventually get back completely to my old self. A friend came to visit this afternoon and gave me some healing which was wonderful but the nostalgia I relived was just a tonic in itself. I have my potted and baggage garden, my natural remedies, my home cooking and baking and my needlework and handicraft things to lift my spirits but the moments I spent remembering that I have had a dream come true just once in my life gave me such joy and pleasure that I am determined to find a dream in this part of my life to make come true too.

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