It works!

Still not feeling  hundred per cent, in fact feel downright rotten and in lots of pain but decided to plod along and get as much done as I could today. I don’t know which is worse the arthritis or the antibiotics, but I won’t dwell on that. My amazing discovery today was when I decided to clean my hob having made apple pie filling and gooseberry and banana crumble. Clever me spilled some and the hob was a mess so I reached for the Cif until I suddenly thought, that’s stupid! Here am I extolling the virtues of being green and making my own cleaning products and here was a chance to put my first cleaner to the test. I sprinkled bicarbonate of soda over the surface and dampened a piece of kitchen paper – a cloth would have been greener, I know, and began to rub away. It seemed to take more and more water so remembering what happens to my kettle when I add vinegar I decided to do that. making sure the bicarb was all over the hob I sprinkled vinegar over the top and true to school experiments it foamed up nicely. I left it for a moment then set to scrubbing all over. It took less time than it would have done with  a cleaner. Then when I washed it off and polished it with another piece of paper, the whole hob shone like a mirror. Amazing! All the burnt on sticky had gone plus some marks on the ring from a previous spill. The only thing that didn’t come completely off were the silver marks on the hottest ring from the base of my stainless steel pans. They wouldn’t have come off at all with a cleaner. Ok it didn’t smell as fresh as a cleaner but it did a far better job and in less time. I am very, very impressed. Experiment one – a complete success!

Tonight is a full moon and I feel so sad that the heavy cloud obscures every trace of her. A glimpse of the brightness of her silver orb as she plays among the clouds even would have been nice but not even a glow. I know she’s there waiting and I just hope I can see her tomorrow as she begins her wane, even just for a short while.She is my reminder of wishes and dreams, hopes and happiness, she who has been blue, silver, yellow or red, has been surrounded by a halo or a rainbow, has lit the night path like day, peeped through my window at night and waken me from sleep with a telepathy that tells me she is watching over me. My reminder too of friends, times and places and a heart so full of contentment that I stood before her when she was a harvest moon, almost as big  as the sky and red, asking that I might capture this moment forever in my memory because it was so precious. I remembered and I remember too, every full moon, my friend Bobby, a man who sees, who knows , who understands the laws of nature and the magic that exists out there far from earthly shackles, who shares a connection of minds with me and our heavenly friend at this time. So nice to know I am not alone. Good night where ever you are beyond the darkest of clouds and thank you Bobby for this smallest of thought connection in the biggest of places, somewhere out there between us and the stars.


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