Busy doing nothing…

Today has been one of those days where it is difficult to do anything. Tiredness, or rather exhaustion has got the better of me, mainly because of the antibiotics, they really take it out of me, still only one more day to go. Actually it has been quite a productive day because I got Tabby to get the curtain rail down for me and I sewed the rufflette tape on the curtains to make them run over the join in the extended rail better. I loved the tab tops but they were dreadful to open and close. I also did the next stage of my strawberry wine, tomorrow it is activated and put in the jars to ferment. The redcurrant wine was a bit slow but the rain, such a welcome break in the hot weather, meant the laundry was dried in the tumbler. A stroke of genius made me put the demijohns on top of the drier and lo and behold activation is go.

A friend, who just happens to be an electrician, fitted a spur on a socket that was ridiculously hidden behind the settee so that I didn’t have to have wires trailing round the door frame like I have for the last four years. Harry is so pleased too, him not being too great with his hands, means he doesn’t have to keep saying, I must get that job looked at. Now Harry has a great deal of admiration for his father and in many respects aspires to be just like him. He says, ‘ my Dad was a pointer and I am a pointer too.’ sounds great but what it actually means is that he will eventually find someone to do it and then he will point at the job to be done. In his father’s day many a job was settled in the pub for a pint or two but sadly those days are gone and the price is much higher, whatever happened to bartering? Methinks Harry’s Dad would turn in his grave at the way things are today but I wish someone would tell Harry that it doesn’t work any more, especially as he is teetotal.

So even though it was a frustrating day and I didnt get all the jobs done I wanted to, I got the one job, I would normally  be happy to put off, done. A couple more days and I hope to back on par and maybe even better having had a bit of a rest. Tomorrow we shall see what happens but I know I must finish the strawberry wine, wax the furniture, start some gooseberry wine and make a gooseberry crumble with those that are left. Well that is my plan any way.  As soon as I feel better though it is my ambition to try out all the old and natural methods of doing things. I just love the idea of making my own shampoo and laundry stuff. As I try each method I shall write a short report on each product, I do hope I haven’t been spoiled by modern instant white washing, and easy to use polish etc. I’d just love to find everything was as good, if not better. OK, helping the environment is great but I cannot see Harry going to work with an off-white shirt each day. Tabby is off on a short break to Amsterdam with B/F James, which will leave Harry and myself on our own and give me more time to ‘play’ in the kitchen. I shall miss her, the house always seems so empty when she’s away but who knows, I might even dare to venture into her room. Scary thought, on the other hand, there must be some more sewing to do!

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