The good old days, today?

Following the excursion back into my past, something has woken a spirit up within me, and one of my daughters, enough to prompt a little research into the laundry product problem. Or should I say the hard crisp line dried laundry. A discussion with my daughter revealed that where she comes from in North Spain, they still have communal sinks where their washing is beaten on a stone to get it clean. These sinks are built over rivers where the dirty water is simply washed into the river and away. Her next door, but one, neighbour has her own personal washing sink, over a river and washing powders are only just beginning to become popular. How is that for a walk back in time?

I spoke to another friend of mine who says that she uses all eco friendly washing powders to avoid allergies and they still come in from the line hard and rough. Her opinion is that it is all in the chemicals in the water. So what other alternatives are there? No doubt any washing powder that still has the same name as those from the sixties have been ‘developed’ for modern laundry needs and have all the chemicals added as much as the new biological detergents. I googled ‘make your own laundry washing products’ and wow! as much information as I needed to make all my own powders, liquids or conditioners. As well as that there were cleaning solution recipes for anything you would clean round the house and….. all for a small outlay that would last for a very long time thus saving money too. A supplier is also important and I liked the look of this one…  and this next site will give you recipes for anything you can think of using simple products you might already have around your home. . I find this all so extremely interesting and many might say, a real  blast into the past but is it? This is now, the modern world with all its conveniences, this is what our world needs and expects, so what is happening? Well I think it is easy to understand. We have all learned to be eco friendly but quite honestly, some of the prices for the cleaning stuff is quite high because there is still the belief that people want convenience which is true to an extent, but they also want quality that doesn’t damage the human body and some of us don’t mind doing a little extra, especially if it is economically priced. The fact that most of these recipes for cleaning products were used a long way back into the past demonstrates, for me, that there is a lot to learn still from the olden days and that is still extremely good. The Victorians had some fantastic ideas. So from laundry and household cleaning to soaps and shampoos I think I am going to do some experimenting and see if I can’t make my laundry soft and clean without the chemicals, my hair shiny, soft and clean without all the problems with eczema, wash the dishes and not have brittle nails or damaged skin and polish my furniture with a natural beeswax polish that might mean a bit of rubbing but actually nourishes the wood and doesn’t spray chemicals round the room. I think I sense a great adventure here and hope to connect the past with the present and make those good old, bad old days what is happening now. Apologies to all the manufacturers of cleaning products that are making a fortune out of their products, oh, and to the pharmaceutical companies that make money from their products to counteract the toxic effects of the convenience cleaning products and the doctors who prescribe the medications and their counter medications to ease the side effects and …. I could go on but I feel it is time to stop my complaining and see if I can make this work… a home cleaning detox… well after I have used the products I already have, don’t want to waste money…. Another thought, if you can pardon the pun… it’s time to get off my soapbox and do something.   Thanks Great Granny.  Here’s to bringing the past bang up to date to help our toxic world today.


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    Suzi said,

    i really think the way forward is greener cleaning. greener everything, for our bodies sake if not the earth.
    i’m on a quest for a bottle of vinegar, borax and soda crystals now, but even Oscars parents looked at me like a was a bit mad. because thats what they did in the olden days… nevertheless they’re inquiring into borax and sosa (soda) for me with manolo’s cousin who makes her own soap… well apparently 😉

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