Ambitious gardening?

The path IS getting smaller

The path IS getting smaller

I thought, as I keep harping on about my decreasing garden, I would add, as I have just found out how to, a picture of it so far. In the middle of the picture at the top is the triffid, looks quite small and harmless there but you have to duck to get under it to walk down the path otherwise it takes great delight in grabbing your hair for the sole purpose of dusting you with dead flowers or worse – spiders. At the bottom left are the trays of beetroot and kohlrabi and after the poppies is the tub of peas. Beside the peas there are pots of carrots and tomatoes. We have quite a lot in our garden this year, having grown them from seed I hated the idea of killing them off so I kept them all. The greenery on the right front is Harry’s pride and joy, the sacks of potatoes, three of them and the round tub has spring onions in. There’s plenty more, runner beans at the side, behind the camera is courgette, butternut squash and more tomatoes. At the top of the garden is more tomatoes and herbs, chilli peppers and sweet peppers,oh and some salad leaves.

As you can see our little garden is long and narrow but we have packed in as many vegetables as we can, or I have. It’s funny, in a big garden they look so small yet here they are just growing and growing and the garden gets smaller and smaller. I feel sure that there is nothing but leaves and why have some things grown yet the same plant in a different pot is much smaller… very curious methinks, need to experiment a bit more. Well at least I know we have peas, some beans and one beetroot is almost baby beet size. Our first courgette did us proud, a good eight inches at least. Our main worry is the triffid, actually its the cordeline australis, the huge flower is turning into little seed pods and as they grow it hangs lower and lower over the path. Here is Harry standing next to it, it also illustrates just how small our garden is. I do think we are a little too ambitious, well apart from the triffid, it was a harmless little pot plant when we planted it, and then we did it because we felt sorry for it not thriving or growing, that’ll teach us!

bigger than Harry

bigger than Harry

 Still we like to just grow things and see what happens, the garden does have a nice structure to it and I love the pond… the next job to remove the weed that is threating to deprive the fish of water space I think all the tadpoles have hatched into froglets now so it shouldn’t disturb them… I always say tha a plant has two choices, it lives, it dies, I don’t know what we are doing but they seem to want to live and grow astonomical sized leaves…. Where are all the real gardenenrs when you want one?  I am keeping this short today, hot weather and antibiotics have worn me to a frazzle oh, and the getting up to do the ironing while it is still cool.


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    Amazing how the camera catches a fella, opens his shirt and makes him look much fatter (sorry PC’ers – vertically challenged), than he really is.

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