Don’t you just love weekends? Those days when you can laze around in pyjams till noon, eat when you are hungry and not when the clock dictates, do the things you want to do or do nothing at all. This weekend we kinda did nothing but did everything. On Saturday we spent some time with Harry’s daughter. It is her birthday and she is going for a short holiday abroad with a friend… wonderful, she works so hard as a chef/manager and is always on the go, If we can catch her in it is wonderful, rarely does she stop. So to go down around eleven oclock and find her in her PJs and her other half lounging on the sofa watching TV was wonderful. We spent every second just drinking tea and enjoying their company, they were going nowhere and we had nothing planned, we talked and talked, exchanged recipe ideas, walked round the garden and treasured precious moments. Apart from a little necessary shopping, we did little else, we dozed in the chair, pottered in the garden, watched a little TV. Sunday was the same, we were up early enough but we showered and dressed before a brunch around eleven then went to visit a Polish friend in hospital who had been in accident a week before when she had been knocked off her bike on the way home from work and had her foot crushed. The only thing we planned to do was to get on the computer and order a few things we needed, do some writing and a bit of research for our writing. That was when the lazy weekend came to a full stop!

My blog was impossible to get into, Google inaccessable, mail – forget it… I never realised just how important a part of out lives the internet was… Well the utcome was that we increased our … now what do you call it? hmmm anyway it was from 2 whatever it was to 10 something bytes, just to see if it made a difference…. No! the internet was off all day! Until now that is. The whole afternoon wasted, no I lie, I wrote some more to my novel which is now coming to its conclusion and I am feeling quite excited because the main bulk of the work will be over, the story is complete. The editing will improve it and little untidy ends will become neat… but research is so important and for that we rely upon… yes the internet… So what does one do? I can tell you… take a deep breath, accept it isn’t going to be and do something else far removed from the computer.

These machines have wormed their way into everyone’s lives, they control what we do, who we speak to, the things we want to believe in, yet, it is not in their influence or addictiveness the power lies. It is their ability to refuse to work when we need them most. So many of us live virtual lives and yes, if you are house bound or unable to go out, it is a great thing to have contact with the rest of the world. Myself? I keep in  touch with my children, in Switzerland, America and Spain as well as local, well in the UK. Then the internet goes down, fails to work, has problems connecting and we are left stranded on a shore of sand. This is where they obtain their control, anything else is personal choice, or maybe addiction, who knows? but when it all fails to work, we are lost. Grrr…

So why do we allow this machine to control our lives, what are the alternatives? Well there is the library, but even there, it is computers that supply the information, we can spend hours searching for something and be none the wiser. No press of a button, no screen full of options just rows and rows of books to plough through. Then we are travelling there and back, maybe to find nothing… Where else is there information… unless we know a scholar specialising in the subject, we have lost it, spent hours and hours searching for what we want that can be found at the press of a button in our own home… That is why we rely on the computer. For those spare moments that would otherwise be spent idling away time, for researching the hobbies we do, contacting friends and family, learning about the world around us, meeting people and making friendships we would otherwise never make. So why, Oh why can the service providers not get their act together and provide what we need?

So thats my grrrrr for this weekend… a Fantastic weekend but our time ruined by  having the little time we spent on the internet taken away. But maybe tonight, as it seems to be working well, I will at least be able to post my blog entry. OK now I will put my soapbox away. The weekend was good at the end of the day… we talked with friends, laughed with relatives, shared time together and eventually managed to get in touch with friends and relatives via the illusive internet. But we do that anyway! The difference was, we were in control and when we couldn’t do what we wanted to do, we did other things and made bloody sure we enjoyed it all. Who needs the internet after all……………… ok, we do!

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    The voluntary time away from the computer is so much better. I have been away from it for 12 hours today – almost unheard of – but other work is taking me away from it. A change is as good as a rest, they say, Marie – and at least you put the time you were unable to log on, to very good use!

    Great blog! I haven’t done much on mine yet – indeed, you prompted me to write a few lines this evening!


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      wordangell said,

      Thank you Marit, Not sure if you read my previous two entries but I say much the same, reading other writers is soooo inspiring. So glad you were inspired to write too. Love M x

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