Dreams do come true.

I had just come back from visiting a friend to return a book she had lent me and decided, as I had sadly finished the latest novel I was reading, to do some writing instead. I checked my emails as I always do and first of all I had confirmation of a suggestion I made to the lady who runs our writer’s group, to invite a wonderful writer friend of mine to come and give a talk at our monthly meeting. It will be a great evening I just know it. Olivia Fane is an accomplished writer and published author. Her latest book ‘God’s Apology’ sits proudly on my shelves and I wait for the next one which I have on good authority, is now complete and soon to be published.

Anyway in the same email I was asked if I would like to join with our group leader and establish and run a writer’s group for 8year olds in a local school library. I cannot think of anything else I would rather do in the whole wide world. I have been praying so hard for something that will give me some sort of fulfillment outside of home and this is just perfect and a chance to use the teacher training I did before I had to give it all up. Thank you to all my angels and spirit helpers who heard me, time for a bit of resource finding and research methinks.

It has made me feel so proud to be asked but more than that it has confirmed my philosophy about being positive. It has been so hard sometimes, especially on days when I have found great difficulty and pain in doing anything. I have worked on being positive and have been saying to myself that it is only a matter of time and something will come up. And then this happens… I try the same with the arthritis… one day it will be better, I refuse to believe this is it for the rest of my life.  I felt so low when I allowed negative thoughts to dominate me and drag me down so this is definitely the one thing that tells me I am right…. Just got to convince the soapbox complainers that surround me to think nice thoughts now, even though the world around them might be negative. Hey if this can happen to me then who knows what else I might achieve. I am the one who believes in fairy tale endings and dreams come true and nobody can possibly burst that bubble now, even if it doesn’t happen, someone thought enough of me and my work to ask me.

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