Images for the paintbox

Maybe the title should be colouring books, I don’t know. Today I missed the wonderful opprtunity for a captured image to paint… We drove to Lee on the Solent to test a new sat nav for speeding cameras. Origianally we had one that beeped loudly as we got near one but then as updates came along the sound disappeared and we had only a minute picture on the screen that, as a driver, you would never see safely….Therefore we bought a different sat nav on offer for half price. Still no vocal warning, nothing, apart from a flash across the upper part of the screen… grrrr. nevermind. ABut, as we were on the journey we drove along the sea front and for me the image was amazing. I have rarely seen so lovely an image, so co ordinated the colours. The sky, heavy with rainclouds, was in layers of dark gray and the brightest white. Below the brightest clouds lay the Isle of Wight, a patchwork of dark and light with the misty effect of rain ghosting parts of the silhouetted towns. The beaches of the island across the Solent were a strip of dark green but the sea was a magnificent shade of green. On the sea were coloured yatchs with snow white sails, a jet ski trailing white horses behind it as it wove among the waves and a dog, a dark spot in the water,as it paddled near the shore. Why Oh why is it when you see something beautiful you have never remembered to bring the camera?

I watched the film ‘Potter’ yesterday and that too gave me such wonderful inspiration. It is time to get my paintbox out again. It has been so long since I painted having given my time over to writing. To me writing is painting in words but there is no substitute for paintbox and paper, apart from a camera that is, in order to capture what we see in our mind’s eye. Tomorrow unfortunately is housework day but Tuesday…. I will let you know what happens, as long as my stories get written too.

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