Yesterday I was discussing the intricacies of computer skills but tonight, well , I am going to extoll the absolute wonders of the internet and being able to chat with someone across the world. I have an amazing son who lives in Switzerland. From a child so small, music was in his soul, he’d sing everything in the world around him that came to his attention. Born in the sixties, just, to a mother of only sixteen, he shared the love of what we oldies call ‘real music’. He went on as an adult to write  and record his own. Ok, I have thought that some of it was weird, you know sort of heavy electronic stuff that I didn’t always understand, that’s what it is, my lack of understanding. Then, tonight he sends me a link to piece of music from a group that he grew up with. The very first album I bought, we were poor, was an album by The Moody Blues, not long before he was born, and yes, a Moody Blues track was what he sent to me via MSN .

Oh, the nostalgia, seems like a million years ago. Then we had a discussion on time and its relevance in the world today. Now my son and I have very different belief system, yet in a strange way they are closely connected. I reckon I must have been a great scientist in a past life, I absolutely love quantum physics and it all makes sense to me. For some reason my brain just connects with the whole of everything about different dimensions and space and time that I am told about it. But he has different ideas. He says to me    ‘I dont think its reincarnation… i think its that our spirits are beyond time & space… and have access to all knowledge of human history.’  ‘ and the past people you feel connected with…. its because their stories have some meaning or importance to you…’  He could be right, there are so many questions. So why does science and physics mean so much to me? maybe I am just curious, nosy perhaps I don’t know. It doesn’t really fit in at all with my spiritual beliefs and yes I do believe in reincarnation. The thing is that he was born a little genius, not just musically, he is a deep thinker, has an understanding of the universe like no one I have ever known before. Of course, I like to take the credit for being his mother but I was sixteen and brought him up in hard times with no support from any parents, I could have done better…. but he does have that same curiosity that I had, still have. That thirst for knowledge. His life has been a quest to learn things and so much has been expressed through his music. I then think that maybe he had in his young life what he needed to be the amazing person he is today. … And I digressed… mother’s priviledge….. what I was going to say was that in the music he linked to me, good old Moody Blues, I slipped back through time listening to them, brilliant, was something I had missed as a teenager. He sent the link because he had just learned to play it. I listened again, and there in the back ground was computerised music, keyboard stuff! I never knew that.

My son and I have the most amazing conversations and I keep every one, all the emails, all his poetry, thoughts and writings… something else he got from his Mum maybe, or maybe the other way round, I can’t be sure…. He has been able to discuss the things he wasn’t happy with as a young man growing up easily over the internet then talk face to face because the barriers have been broken already.

So what an amazing tool the internet has been for my family. Not just for my eldest son but for the others that now live abroad too. Every day as I am writing, I get to speak to at least two of my children fantastic. I can also share in videos, photographs, webcam conversations and always keep up with what they are all doing. Communities like facebook also give an insight into things they are doing too. I am beginning to believe what he says about time and irrelevance though. Here I am listening to stuff from the sicties that I was so in love with and not realising how it was played until 2009. It is so very similar a musical style to what my son composes, yet I hadn’t noticed. Take a listen if you care to… Zoz ‘s website is , then go and find some Moody Blues…. I think my son’s are better because his meanings are much deeper, but I am biased and the technology today is much more amazing. Still thanks to the internet he managed to close the gap in time and  connect me with both past and present.

Needless to say I am very proud of him and his work, even if I don’t always appreciate what has gone into it, like heart and soul,  to be able to share and give my opinion when he asks for it is truly amazing. All I need is to know how to use the computer and technology to its full extent.

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