Maybe I will get the hang of this one day!

I have often heard of people being referred to as having verbal diarrhoea, my trouble is that my typewriter goes into overdrive once I start to type. Then there are all the gadgets and buttons that totally confound me- being just an ornery kinda person that is just ok on word processing, I¬†leave all the widgets and tags and link stuff to the teenagers. I mean, ¬†shouldn’t all this fantastic technolgy be supplied with at least one child. I have to wait until the kids arrive to set up dvd recorders to record or tune in a tv set. So when computers, which are interactive, demand attention I panic in case I happen to wipe something off the whole internet with the simple press of a button.

See what I mean… I could have said I am no good with technology and get the kids, actually, any kid, to come and help but no, the fingers keep on going…. Actually I should be singing the praises of the quick minds of the young who manage to solve computer problems with the same ease that I would press a doorbell. How is that?

I listen to the youngsters that walk past my house enroute to a class swimming lesson; to begin with they sound quiet like a high pitched murmer until as they pass my window sounding like the laughter of a stream babbling over rocks. They appear to be just excited kids on a school trip, secretly they are technology engineers, conditioned at birth to understand all the computer technology their parents struggle with. I mean look at their toys! no more simple dolls or cars, all electronic wizardry designed to develop their minds to keep up with all the new technology as it surfaces.

What a wonderful world we live in… and even if it takes me a bit of time to work out what to do, I wouldn’t be without the opportunities the internet has given me to keep in touch with my children all over the world, contact people I thought I had lost touch with, work online, find resources, research…. there I go again, keyboard diarrhoea… but hey! I am a writer.

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